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Balinese is another dance that is very elegant and is mostly danced in ceremonies that are of great cultural meaning. During this dance, the feets and hands are widely used so as to create vibrant poignancy. Generally Balinese are proud people and they use this dance to show this dance which is elegant and sophisticated. When dancing Balinese dance the dancers wear finest traditional clothing which is another indication of Balinese way of life.


Tango is one of the most popular exotic dance in the world, the dance is from Argentina and it originated as a result of African culture and European influences. In fact, the Tango music and Tango dance is as a result of several European kinds of music being fused together. In the 20th century, a number of Argentina musicians were invited to perform in the United States of America and since they brought the Tango dance with them, the dance fame spread to the rest of the world and became a global phenomenon. Tango dance is meant for a couple ( men and women for that matter) who are tuned into one another. Also, you don’t have to dance for you to enjoy the dance since it is a very exciting dance to watch. In case you want or plan to participate in this dance, it is advisable that you keep fit.


Zulu is a traditional dance that is performed in events that hold cultural meaning for instance during war or marriage, the dance originated from South Africa. This is the dance to just sit down and watch since the dance movements are active and very brusque for example the dance involves lifting of the legs high for more than once. The female Zulu dancers wear grass skirts while the male dancers wear grass shorts, the male dance also holds spear on their hand.

As I conclude, exotic dance can be either stage dancing, lap dancing or private dancing. Stage dancing is when someone performs his routine on an open stage where there is an additional pole that helps the strippers make additional moves.On the other hand, lap dancing is when a customer in a club or any other place is seated and the exotic dancer seat on his lap. However, it is important to note lap dancing is illegal in some states while in other it is legal but the client is prohibited from touching the strippers. Lastly, we have the private dancing where the client and the exotic dancer goes to a private area within the club or even parties such as bachelor party. During a private dance the rockstar strippers can perform a slow dance or a lap dance that will keep you excited.