Dance is recognized as an important part of the culture by people from all over the world, in fact, some people take dance as their way of life, dance revolves around events such as a wedding, during a war, and when death occurs in some communities. In the recent years, dance from Cincinnati stripper artists has become very popular especially in bachelor party since it is capable of initiating good health as a result of frequent exercise and initiate intimate fun at the same time. Exotic does not always require a partner but it can spice up a relationship when done by a couple. There are several forms of exotic dance from all over the world and in this article, we shall discuss some of these dances.

Tahitian Dance

Tahitian dance is a dance found in French Polynesia also known as for as Otea, the dance is usually danced by both female and male and it involves fast shaking of the hips. The dance is danced alongside music, mostly the fast drums. The Tahitian dancers are usually in grass skirts and do not wear shoes. During dancing, the dancers make gestures that re-enact their daily life occupation, for instance, the female dancers can make gestures related to butterfly, flight or combining of hair while the male dancers are likely to make gestures related to sailing or war. Remember the roles in this community are divided according to gender and age that why men and women make different gestures.

For those people who are not Tahitian dancers, for instance, the tourist, is better to watch than dance. The reason I say so is because the dance is quite challenging since it involves contortion of your body to a fast drum beat. So despite the Tahitian dancers’ effort to make you want to join the dance, it will be hard for you to manage to dance.Lastly, during this dance, there is no singing instead they just play drums.


In addition to Samba being a form of dance, it is also a form of music that originated in Brazil. Whenever you visit Rio de Janeiro, this is a type of dance that you must see since the place is a spectacle and has been devoted to promoting dances such as Samba. Dancers who dance this type of dance usually wear what can be described as less of a costume and it only covers the private parts.

Samba dance can be described as a form of gliding dance, the reason I say so is because there is a massive use of one’s body. The dance is from the descendants of African slaves and was started in a place called Salvador, however, the dance found more fame when it reached Rio de Janeiro since the place is taken to be a cultural home. Both male and female can dance this dance, however, women are more and better elegant dancers compared to men.